PT 2.4 - Testing of Car

Final Assessment

Updated dimensions of mousetrap car (post modifications):
Mass of mousetrap car
746 g
Mass of each wheel
Front Wheel - 173 g
Back Wheels -12.4 g
Wheel diameter
Front Wheels -
Back Wheels - 120 millimetres
Axle diameter
0.4 cm
Length of string
32 cm
Length of lever extension
12 cm
Overall length
30 cm
Overall width
15 cm
Overall height
12 cm

Final assessment data table:

Run Number
Trial 1
Trial 2
Trial 3
Total time of run / s
Total distance of run / m
Total score


Trial 1: 

Trial 2:

Trial 3:

Analysation of Final run:

Post-testing Discussion

Using your data table from 3.1, calculate the average velocity for your mousetrap car during the best run in the final assessment.

Total distance travelled/ total time taken = 7.5m/4.7s

= 1.60 m/s (3sf)

Which part of your mousetrap car design worked best? Explain your answer
         The part that worked best was the lever arm. It regulated the speed and evenly distributed the force of the mousetrap so as to ensure our mousetrap car reaches travels the longest distance in the shortest time.

If you had more time to work on your mousetrap car, state and explain how you will improve/modify the current design?

         We would find better materials to build the car. As such we would exchange the front wheel for a lighter wheel that is about the same size as it was the main cause of the weight. We also would have made the car a four wheel drive to maintain better synchronisation of our car ‘s wheels so the car would move straighter.


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